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Drawing on years of international professional training and performance experience, Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe, the South Africa Dance Champion known as the ‘Queen of Dance’, heads up the TK Elite Training Studio. Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe is dedicated to bringing quality, excellence and exceptional standards into the competitive world of Latin American & Ballroom dancing.

TK Elite is a warm, welcoming, and inclusive dance studio that pushes dancers to reach above and beyond. At TK Elite, a dancer can expect extremes, excellence, hard work, an uncompromising standard, and to be transformed from the ordinary into the exceptional.

TK Elite is the home of dance champions and the place where legends are made!

Training at TK Elite is hardcore, especially for seniors. But what we really appreciate & value is the ‘no compromise, no easing up or slowing down’ on any aspect by coach ‘Aus T’. She is passionate about dance, passionate about technique, passionate about getting it right and passionate about her students, so no matter your age or your issue (if you have one) the level of training & expectation is the same for all. We are super happy to be treated as equals to all the young exceptional dancers and their abilities! Being at TK Elite is so much more than dance – it’s being part of a team, it’s dedication & endurance by all even when it’s hard, it’s a family headed by a coach who has a very big heart and a personality to match.

Even when we are exhausted from a day’s work, a session of dance & being at TK Elite is always the best medicine despite the aching bodies that we leave with. It’s a real honour to be part of TK Elite, the place where legends are being made!

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