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Tebogo Kgobokoe is a highly-acclaimed motivational speaker. Through her life and career experiences, she is able to deliver hard-hitting and impactful speeches that will leave your audience motivated and encouraged to go the extra mile and to achieve what might have seemed impossible before.

Known as the Dance Queen of South Africa, Tebogo Kgobokoe has risen from a young traditional dancer in the North-West Province of South Africa to an acclaimed professional world champion, coach and adjudicator.

Holistically talented, Tebogo Kgobokoe has excelled in various dance genres and remains the undefeated ten-times South African professional Latin and ballroom dance champion, and seven-times South African Professional Latin American dance champion.

She has competed and adjudicated world-wide in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, the USA, Holland, Hong Kong, France, Switzerland, and many other countries and ultimately attained the 6th finalist position in the World Professional Latin category in 2005.

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Suggested Speaking Topics

Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe is an extremely accomplished and highly-versatile speaker and is able to blend her career experiences and speaking subjects into most company agendas.

Suggested speaking topics include, but are not limited to:


You need to show up for your life.

Let me take you through my journey, let me tell what I mean . . . this is for any adult who is at a crossroad in their lives.

I mean, showing up in every aspect of your life


There is no way you can expect everyone to be ro0ting for you when you are standing at the back of the line with no intention to get to the front and cheer!!!


CHURCHES ONLY (a three-week programme)

This is not your normal kind of counselling, you need space, comfortable shoes, a towel and a bottle of water.

Do not forget your beloved partner (aka wife, husband, life partner).


What does it take to be a champion?

The reality is that we are all in a competition of some sort; some of us with ourselves, with family expectations, with everyone else who is going to seek the same job, opportunity, scholarship, award . . . some of us are chasing a dream.

I have spent my life in a competitive sport as an undefeated professional dance champion, and over 30 years of coaching champions, it is my belief that what champions do in training, is exactly what everyone who is gutsy, ambitious, forward-thinking, a go-getter, a change-maker who wants to succeed should do.

Take lessons from a champion.


Through a powerful seven-step process, Tebogo Kgobokoe shows how to turn your dream into reality . . . YOUR LIFE!


Hear what got me to where I am in life and the ‘life rules’ that I live by.

Use these ‘life rules’ to focus on what will make you successful in life.

It has remained a worrying factor for me to observe how our children, both black and white, are forced by the system to conform to what they were never born to be.

Despite their natural and God-given talents being visible to the naked eye, we elected to ignore and keep safe, observe what the society has dictated to us for generations, forgetting that all people are born as individuals.

The ability to see beyond ‘common’ and being able to differentiate from the talent that can craft our future for the better is a skill very few people have. One such eye belongs to Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe.

When most parents see their children being restless and irritating, she sees choreographers. When we only hear the noise, as the children create sounds out of the clapping of hands and stamping of feet, she is able to unleash a professional gum-boot dancer and a tap-dancer. As our children move in circles, she knows that there’s a ballerina or a ‘waltzer’.

Self-made and self-motivated when there was no other way but to believe in oneself, Ms Kgobokoe lived her dream. She chose to be the best at her game. Making a name for herself and for the country.

As the founder and president of Grooming the Executive, an organisation that aims at unleashing the best out of each individual, and having worked with Ms Kgobokoe for as long as we have, I remain humbled by how tirelessly she responds to our need of developing the talents our members display and transforming them into being best at what they are born to be.

We have been observing her unleashing the best in our children. We have observed her reignite the talent of the old, who almost gave up on their passion. We have observed her close the racial gap and blind us to the reality of social class and create the oneness in people’s common interest and talent.

Ms Kgobokoe, we believe in you. We hold the view that you are not celebrated enough.

Sharon Tshabalala

Founder & President, Grooming the Executive


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