Morithitho means ‘rhythm’ in Setswana. The Morithitho Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) founded by acclaimed dance personality and businesswoman Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe. Through the Morithitho Foundation, Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe has answered her calling and duty to share what she believes is the formula to success; versatility by dancers coupled with strategic and visionary management that is well equipped to manage and guide budding talent and skill.


Morithitho Foundation was formally registered in 2014 but has been running projects in the arts and entertainment industry for the past 5 years. Our belief is that the world is constantly changing and so we have to adjust to evolving trends in our sector. With the knock down of physical borders, the emergence of a global market invokes the need for South African local dancers and artists to be equally competitive in order to capture the same clientele targeted by artists all over the world. This can only be achieved if we produce exceptionally competent, versatile and world-class dance-act artists of all genres.

Our contribution to the arts and entertainment sector is through mentorship, training and development of world-class dancers able to survive and excel through the rigorous demands of the trade and who can mark themselves as champions and make a living through their passion. It is our heartfelt wish to diminish mediocrity and produce artists with an excellence, superiority and distinction amongst their peers and able to compete and gain the same employment and business opportunities available for artists the world over.

Working with a team of highly qualified and experienced coaches and administrators, Morithitho Foundation endeavours to achieve its vision of being the ONE academy that changed the face of the arts.


To be a leading organisation with a holistic approach to sport, arts, recreation and culture in South Africa and Africa, by producing excellence through empowering and teaching artistic individuals and creating job opportunities in the arts sector of South Africa and Africa. Bringing quality skills to the less privileged and uplifting their lives through cultural recognition and the arts.


Morithitho aspires to be an organisation at the forefront of awakening, uprooting and fine-tuning Africa’s talent and bringing economic awareness to the forefront through producing innovative, well-skilled entrepreneurs with job opportunities as a result.


Changing lives through dance!


Known as the Dance Queen of Africa, Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe has risen from her roots as a young traditional dancer in the North-West Province of South Africa to an acclaimed World Professional Champion, coach and adjudicator and successful business woman. A unique and almost impossible feat for many dancers, Tebogo Kgobokoe has excelled in various dance genres. She remains the undefeated South African Professional Ballroom champion and seven-times Latin American winner. Competing and adjudicating worldwide in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, the USA, Holland, Hong Kong, France, Switzerland, and many other countries, Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe has developed an eye for finesse and perfection on the dance floor and firmly transforms her dance trainees into professionals. She ultimately attained the 6th finalist position in the World Professional Latin category in 2005. Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe became the youngest ever, qualified South African Dance Coach and Adjudicator, at the tender age of 16. She has dazzled South Africans with her unforgettable professional artistry and charming personality. The straight-talking beauty remains one of the most respected and invincible artists in South Africa and the world at large.

Currently in the local dance fraternity, Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe is serving as one of South African’s top choreographers while coaching some of the country’s top professional and amateur dancers. She works with different local and international companies as a multi-genre dance teacher, trainer and adjudicator, motivational speaker, as well as an arts consultant, and has produced some of the world’s top couple-dancers.

Her exceptional achievements have found her favour on the homefront, placing her at the top of the league. She has won numerous prestigious awards on the socio-economic front. Such notches on her belt include, among others: winner of the Tshwane Businesswoman’s Award; Shoprite Women of the Year Award; Rapport and City Press Prestige Women’s Award; Feather Awards and Cosmopolitan Awesome Women.


  • It has potential to grow and impact significantly on the lives of South African youth and women
  • It answers to the need for growth and attention to the women and youth of South Africa, while building social cohesion
  • It brings a much-needed positive attitude to the disgruntled youth of South Africa and renews their faith in our country
  • Morithitho Foundation programmes remove children from the streets


  • To mobilise idling youth back onto a possible life-changing career path
  • To address the scourge of abuse through dance
  • Using the arts to heal the ills of society
  • To create a platform for social development
  • To revive art and reintegrate it back into the community
  • To create fun-filled and safe environments that encourage self-expression and exploration
  • To improve participants’ physical wellbeing
  • To unite all youth from diverse communities
  • To build the youth in a holistic manner
  • To build lasting, friendly relationships
  • To enhance cultural diversity


  • Women and youth in different communities who share an interest aligned with the arts
  • Unemployed women
  • Youth and children
  • Community members who are active citizens in their communities


Morithitho Foundation is built on development, sustainability and advocacy of the Arts, Culture and preservation of our heritage. Seeking to bring cohesion, address behavioral stigma and issues that have affected the children, youth, women and communities in South Africa and Africa.

Morithitho Foundation is umbrella to four programmes and projects that touch on all sectors that link with the Arts. These sectors include Health, Education, Social and Economic. The different programmes and projects answer to the different artistic, developmental, awareness, health, educational and sustainability needs of the Sports, Arts and Culture sector.

The four programmes are:

1. Professional Dance Youth-Teacher Training Programme

2. Tebogo Kgobokoe Arts Academy

3. Tebogo Kgobokoe Training College

4. Soul Programmes: Soul Connect – Schools Programme, Soul Sista – Youth Programme, Souls Diva – Women’s Programme


Morithitho Foundation has designed a dance teacher training programme aimed at amateur dancers and teachers who have received no formal dance teacher training but are in charge of a group of dancers and dance clubs in their communities. The teacher training offers more than dance training by paying special attention to how to operate a dance studio sustainably.

It is an intensive programme offering both theory and practical training and is independently assessed. Through the Teacher Training Camp, dance teachers will improve their knowledge and skill in various dance genres. Moreover, DTT imparts beyond the complexity of the technical, physical and cognitive stimulation. This is achieved by giving attention to the business in the arts, therefore improving the daily function and operations of the teams/clubs/ groups leading to a more sustainable career in the arts.

As a result of the program, teachers are able to produce quality dancers, successfully market their dancers or create dance productions. Ultimately this efficient chain link yields to profitable dance studios that contribute to our economy, especially if they can be marketed overseas.

Closer to home is the need for the arts to be accessible to all children across the country as opposed to the current metropolitan-centered trend being experienced. With this in mind we are working with local Municipalities and Tribal Authorities to source dance teachers from remote parts of the country. Equipped with the Professional Dance Teacher Certificate, and associated confidence, networks and knowledge, it is our wish that the dance teachers will showcase their dance productions in their communities and give them the chance to witness excellence on their doorsteps.

Many up-and-coming dance coaches in South Africa seek to expand their knowledge and abilities to bridge the national and international market. However, their limited knowledge and abilities more often than not leave them stranded and incapable of furthering their careers.

• Majority black, previously-disadvantaged youth and women
• Aged between eighteen years old to thirty-five years old (18 – 35yrs)
• Participants are to come mainly from the North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and KZN provinces
• Other provinces to be included as and when funding is available

The domino-effect of this programme can therefore not be overstated enough. Interest from even remote communities will be encouraged, as youth and children will turn to the dance teachers for training and guidance, creating more business for their dance studios.


Opened in 2016, the Tebogo Kgobokoe Arts Academy (TKAA) is an independent academic and arts Study Centre specialising in arts education. Offered to artistically talented dance scholars from Grade 0 to Grade 12, it is the first of its kind, offering a dual academic and arts education curriculum through the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) board, the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD).

Offering five compulsory dance styles, namely Latin American, Ballroom, Ballet, Contemporary and Setswana Traditional Dance, TKAA is an academically uncompromising academic Study Centre. Through this programme, we aim to facilitate a seamless transition into the international dance and education arena for our students as they exit with world-recognised qualifications; while also growing and nurturing them in anticipation of a future that is yet unknown in a world that is constantly and rapidly changing.

It is a great misfortune that an unsurmountable number of intelligent, talented young boys and girls will never be afforded the opportunity to good education, and an even greater number that will never grow in an environment that nurtures their talents. Hence Adopt-A-Learner is the programme developed and run by TKAA, for the benefit of its learners through Morithitho Foundation.

The reality about quality education in South Africa is that it is expensive. It is truly by faith that TKAA has accepted 50% of the students coming from very low to no income earning homes, with the hope that they would secure sponsors and funders within the first three to twelve months of the year. We believe in offering a selected number of disciplined and talented children an opportunity to have a different future to their parents and families, with the intention of changing their lives, families and communities.

Morithitho Foundation relies heavily on funding for young children that come from underprivileged backgrounds, who are intelligent, talented and have a passion for dance. Our unique approach as a school ensures that our learners are future innovators, and the most exceptional and talented artists, who are equipped with a well-balanced academic background, enabling them to pursue the various careers including the business in the arts and not limited to the performance aspect of their art.

• Majority black, previously-disadvantaged children and youth.
• Aged between four years old to eighteen years old (4 – 18yrs)
• South Africa (learners are to come mainly from here)
• Neighbouring countries and other countries around the world


Tebogo Kgobokoe Training College (TKTC) is a higher education arts institution. Its prime objective is offering for the first time in South Africa a dual qualification of business management and dance diploma through the international Cambridge College. We believe in ensuring that talent and skill is supported by a business mind in order to offer our graduates a position to be marketable in the world.

All sectors in an economy must play a role in contributing to the GDP of the country, the arts in South Africa has to play its role in creating sustainable careers in the sector. We believe our qualifications equips graduates to function more effectively in the real world within the arts stream and derive the obvious benefits of increased personal achievement, productivity and performance.

Our vision to become a revolutionary performance Arts College in South Africa propels us to produce professionals who excel at their different specialties that will change the face of dance and art in South Africa.

• Majority black, previously disadvantaged youth.
• Aged between eighteen years old to twenty-five years old (18yrs to 25yrs)
• South Africa (students are to come mainly from here)
• Neighbouring countries and other countries around the world


Soul Connect is an educational school mentorship campaign. The project engages with high school learners in Grades 10, 11 and 12 through monthly school visits in order to cover, amongst others, an aspect of career guidance often missed by universities who are unable to bring to these young developing minds, the realities of their dream careers. Involved in this programme are a number of high-profile young entrepreneurs who will have a positive impact on the lives of these learners.

Soul Connect offers a tangible reality of the various “dream careers” youth desire. This is achieved by creating opportunities for learners to interact on a face-to-face level, with established and successful actors, accountants, doctors, lawyers etc. Learners will be given the opportunity to satisfy their enquiring minds constructively and with professional and extensively experienced leaders, movers and shakers currently active in a range of “dream careers”, taking them through what it takes to enter each profession, what sort of personalities succeed in each profession and what are the pitfalls and benefits of each profession.

The Soul Connect campaign promotes the need for education and the need for learners to empower themselves, while ensuring that each learner understands the need for discipline, hard work and continued education and that hardly anything is handed over on a silver platter. It provides the learner with valuable insights into, and deeper understandings of, careers at a level which institutions cannot provide. Learners get to hear honest accounts of each professional’s work life and work/life balance, what and how each professional studied, their aspirations, dreams and how these were achieved.

The professionals involved in this programme represent a range of professions including optometrists; owners of mining companies; arts consultants / artists; marketing directors; graphic designers; information technology developers and specialists; economists; sports personalities; project managers; radio and television personalities and presenters; auditors, bankers; bloggers; attorneys; farmers; record label owners; fashion designers.

Soul Sista and Soul Divas engage women from the age of 18 and above. These are women’s programmes which aim to unite and uplift women from all walks of life, as we tackle issues of high-profile corporate work, love and family. This form of women’s gathering raises some funding, in turn making it possible for Morithitho Foundation to keep afloat and continue to transform aspiring talent around the country.

These programmes provide a space for women to connect, pray and share their life experiences. South Africa is rife with violence, abuse and rape. Statistics show that over 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime, and only one in four rapes are reported, with over 100 rape cases reported every day. Furthermore, 70% of people suffering from depression are women – often caused by society’s idea of what makes women beautiful, the pressures of work, and the many roles they play at home, amongst others.

Through these programmes, women are connected with other women who are professionals and experts in different fields, each with stories to share and lessons learned. They provide a space of self-expression, acceptance and growth. Soul Sista and Soul Connect are women’s programmes vital for our country to heal and self-correct.


On an annual basis Morithitho Foundation hosts national competitions to provide a platform for competitors to present various genres of both classical and street dances. Through the competitions, the foundation has had multiple opportunities to provide a safe environment for children and youth to participate in dance, not just socially, but also paving a way for their future careers.

The foundation draws competitors in from the existing pool of teachers in training under the DTT programme. Each studio in the programme has over 50 dancers, trained effectively by their studio heads and teachers who have training through DTT, allowing their dancers to be on par with well-trained dancers, thus enabling them to prosper in the competitive space.

Morithitho Foundation is sustained through such competitions, with income made from entry fees, spectator fees, arts and craft made by various artists sold at competitions, as well as food and refreshments sold. The foundation relies on sponsors for such foods to be sold, trophies, medals and other prizes.

A great majority of the dancers partaking in these competitions come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and have always seized the opportunity to participate in competitions due to lack of funds. Morithitho Foundation has thus seen the greater importance of providing prizes that would benefit dancers by means of goody bags with deodorants and hygiene products (roll-on, body lotion, make-up) – prizes that they can use and share with their families.

Morithitho Foundation is a patron of education and seeks to ensure that children from all walks of life are able to acquire high quality education, both in academics and in dance. Therefore, upon availability of funds, bursaries will be awarded to dancers who perform consistently well in all Morithitho Foundation competitions within a period of a year, to attend TKAA, in order to be trained on a full-time basis, while receiving Cambridge accredited education.

TK Training College works parallel to the DTT programme, as students acquire academic and dance qualifications on a tertiary level, whilst exposed to real-life situations that prepare them for the greater professional work space. Students do volunteer work in schools and communities, teaching over 30 dancers and understanding the industries in which they specialise. This on-the-job-training proves as experience on the part of the students, improving their CVs and marketability. TKTC teaches the fundamentals upon which the DTT programme is built, thus allowing for a smooth transition from college to DTT programme, which further allows students to contribute positively to the communities from which they come.



The women and youths from different communities and walks of life come for an opportunity to be trained and mentored in their different genres while learning how to integrate the arts into a more holistic approach to the business of the arts, through the Teacher Training Program. The workshops seek to bring a deep-seated awareness to the young aspiring artists about the world of entertainment, arts and culture.

Having the prospect of training and sharpening their raw talent to an accepted standard as future professionals in the making, these young participants will work with some of the most seasoned and best professionals in the industry, making it a possibility to be competitive on the world stage.

It goes without saying that the psychological support of having fun through training camps will in turn educate, improve and enhance their artistic talents. The DTT programme is introduced through elimination rounds of teams encompassing complete artistic genres (dancers, crafters/painters, actors, poets, singers, instrumentalists). Although each will audition an individual piece, the first leg will see a community group moving to the next phase where they break away from each other to then battle it out with other artists of the same genre, before moving on to workshops hosted by professional artists, mentors and facilitators.

This exercise of artists seeking artists within their communities is a way of mobilising the youth in different communities to come together for a greater goal. Groups and individuals in communities will seek out each other to form the desired specifications for taking part in the programme.

The running of the DTT program is designed in such a way as to ensure that teachers in dance are fully-equipped to teach their dancers, and simultaneously prepare them for teaching in an actual school. The programme boosts confidence in their own skills and teaching abilities. Teachers are able to transfer such skills and knowledge down to their dancers, allowing them to gain confidence in expressing themselves, while honing in on their dance abilities to enable them to be competitive and marketable.

TK Arts Academy and TK Elite Training Studio

Following thorough training, TK Arts Academy (TKAA) is able to scout dancers from teachers partaking in the DTT programme at Morithitho Foundation dance competitions. It is from this pool of dancers that audition candidates are drawn for TKAA annual admissions. Methods of teaching in the DTT programme are similar to those used in TKAA and TK Training College (TKTC), making it easier for learners to adapt to teaching styles.

By means of Adopt-a-Learner under TKAA, sponsors invest in the education in our country, which in itself will result in job creation and the growth of future innovators. But sponsors also make way for opportunities that will prepare our learners to further spread their wings in international fields, and to impact and grow the South African economy in various ways.

As a school, TKAA firmly believes in transforming the current status quo of developing young boys into gentlemen that treat women and elders with respect, and young girls into strong women who know their worth – with all this achieved through dance.

A chain of ploughing-back is developed through this programme. The children adopted will in-turn adopt a learner, and in this way continue to address the need for quality education and to give another child a fighting chance in a country where unemployment rates continue to grow, and the legacy of poverty gets passed down to the next generation.

Project Outcomes

  • A space for arts and expression is developed
  • A place of safety for children, youth and women
  • A space to discover oneself and explore talents and the vast number of opportunities
  • A place to harness and develop talent
  • Development of a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the arts space – a highly necessary factor in a country facing a high rate of unemployment
  • Provide job opportunities to women and youth in various communities
  • Well-trained, skilled artists/dancers will be able to impart knowledge to the children and other youths in their communities
  • Sustainable structured community groups will emerge from various communities around South Africa
  • Provide exposure and opportunities to the women and youths
  • Provide accreditation and develop a market for artistic talent
  • Promote social cohesion and nation building
  • Develop international-standard artists/dancers
  • Development of provincial champions of Morithitho Foundation
  • Promote values and morals in communities
  • First-hand experience on dance training, studio management, project management


  • Disadvantaged children receiving high quality education
  • Women and youth in different communities who share an interest aligned with the arts
  • Unemployed women
  • Youth and children
  • Community members who are active citizens in their communities
  • Organising fundraising events allows community members (parents or guardians of learners) to provide or learn a skill through these events, be it cooking (catering), sound-managing, coordinating (project management), costume-making (tailoring). It is a hub that creates multiskills in a community, and therefore leads to job creation
  • Morithitho Foundation aims at affecting a minimum of 650 people in the North West province mainly, and the Gauteng province, either directly or indirectly

“A country that doesn’t have a strong arts and culture industry is a country losing itself. It is our belief that the arts heal and allow for expression, discovery and development. The arts are the custodians of culture, and therefore custodians of its people. We seek to affect change in the most positive of ways – in the lives of children, youth, men and women, and communities. Morithitho Foundation seeks to instil pride in our heritage, gifts and talents. Furthermore, we wish to create opportunities for employment and self-sustainability through the arts.”

– Ms Tebogo Kgobokoe

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