The Power of the Arts

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Whenever I witness a powerful performance of any art form, I find myself in a beautiful state of being. A beautiful state that lifts me on a high – a high in spirit and a high of thankfulness.

This, dear friends, is the power of the arts!

A painting that says more than a thousand words leaving you daydreaming, transformed, lost . . .

The voice of a singer delivered in such a way that it touches every fibre of your being, leaving you exhilarated!

The hypnotic power of an eloquent & incredible voice . . . Ooohhh!

The enchanting harmony of instruments played by accomplished musicians.

The versatile actor that transports you – gripped and lost in a storyline so well written.

A composer that creates THAT exceptional song that is always remembered.

A dancer leaving you breathless – translating words, expression, emotions, conversations through body movement!

A sculptor’s masterpiece that leaves you wondering how minds and hands can create the impossible.

A writer’s book or play so ingeniously written, pure power translated through words and information, creating visions so clear and vivid.

A striking model that brings garments to life, making them fabulously appealing and irresistible.

A designer that creates garments which extends culture, expression, beliefs and character, bringing it all harmoniously together to enhance your mood.

A spoken word artist that transfixes you into a space of flowing words, leaving you flooded with emotion.

And so much more . . . .

No-one should ever underestimate the Power of the Arts!!

A country without a thriving arts and culture environment . . . is a country slowly losing itself. The arts is THE one aspect that conveys who and what we are.

A South Africa made up of eclectic cultures trying to find and live in harmony . . . is a beautiful country, and it’s my country!

Every time I witness exceptional and uniquely South African and African artistry at work, it always makes me feel as if I have simultaneously been plugged into 5 chargers – Inspired, Privileged, Grateful, Happy and ALIVE.

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