This is a question I am often asked!

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Can a good dancer also be a good choreographer and a good teacher?

It’s a question that is often asked!

So, can a good dancer also be a good choreographer and a good teacher?

It’s a question that is often asked!

It is a known fact that there is a difference between being a dancer, a choreographer and a teacher. It is my opinion that being an incredibly talented dancer does not necessarily mean that the dancer can go on to become a good choreographer and/or a good teacher.

Would you like to hear more?

So, what and where are the differences?

A dancer has the ability to translate a message, feelings and emotions through body movement. I call it the dance language! A dancer performs by moving their body musically, with precision, intention, clarity and power. A dancer manipulates the body by applying various techniques in a way that expresses emotion.

A choreographer has the ability to put a series of steps together in a unique, detailed and captivating manner. The choreographer thinks of movement as a language. Just as a writer scripts a novel, so a choreographer scripts a dance. A choreographer is a creator of new works, but also has the ability to add touches of their own flair & creation to existing works.

A dance teacher has the ability to translate information to someone in such a way that allows them to move their body with ease, that assists and guides the student to engage their ability to dance. A good teacher can troubleshoot dance problems, eg if a dancer struggles to isolate a certain part of the body, the teacher has, or finds, methods making it possible for the dancer to achieve the movement.

So, back to the question . . .

“Can a good dancer also be a good choreographer and a good teacher?”

I believe, like anything in life, there are different types of people and various levels of abilities.

  • There are great dancers who are very good choreographers and excellent teachers. These are what I call the ‘super gifted’. Their abilities are often evident at a young age, especially if they start dancing early in life.
  • There are dancers that are not the greatest dancers, but excel at choreography and are exceptional at teaching others. They should be choreographers, creators and teachers.
  • There are good dancers that are great choreographers but not good at teaching. Very often they become frustrated when their students do not improve, which can lead to unhappy dancers. In order to avoid this, I suggest they should not be teachers.
  • Then we have just the average dancers, but they love dancing. The ones that will never be the stars of the show but are the most amazing teachers and know just how to get the best out of their students. They are the ones that really understand the importance of producing great dancers and have the gift of making others achieve on the dance floor. They are the great teachers and mentors of dance!
  • Lastly there are dancers that are more than just great dancers. The ones that have the ability to be on stage and immediately engage and captivate audiences – they make people cry, make people happy, lift people’s spirits, show love & anger and evoke strong emotions which linger in people’s minds long after the performance. They are referred to as ‘super normal’ – they are the dance performers!

In closing . . .

Having said all this, exceptions always exist and very often certain attributes and abilities are developed over time as the dancer matures, understands, applies themselves, and learns more. This is what makes this topic so special – there is literally NO LIMIT to what can be achieved!

The most important point I would like to make is for you to know what your strengths are and to be honest with yourself. This self-knowledge and self-realisation will enable you to develop your talent and direct your steps towards your destiny!

But perhaps there is someone with a different view? Please enlighten me and feel free to share!

After all that’s what makes us great 😊

With Love, T

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