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This is my first blog for TebogoPOWER. I hope you enjoy the read. Be sure to leave me a comment below.


It feels really cool to connect and share my first blog post with all of you!

I look forward to sharing all my experiences, my life’s lessons, my observations and my teachings with you. My wish is that it adds value to some of you, inspires others and possibly guides a few of you. My desire is to create a space for robust and respectful discussions.

My blogs are about ME – the woman, mom, sister, aunt, entrepreneur, arts activist, dance coach and lover of all things fabulous! It is my space to share my thoughts, my learnings, my experiences of life, and all my crazy ideas and philosophies . . . . . with ALL of you !

My colourful background includes being a multifaceted dancer, undefeated dance champion, a businesswoman in the arts, founder and current principal of an Arts Academy, professional speaker and coach to the current South African champions.

My Voice, which comes with an African and Arts-Activist’s perspective, will convey my thoughts, experiences and personal convictions. Coming from a Pastor’s home (yip, he’s my Dad 😍) and dancing in South Africa in both the pre and post-apartheid era, to dancing in the biggest dance sport championships around the world, to coaching some of the most talented people across the globe . . . . gives me the unique opportunity to provide personal accounts and opinions on many topics.

I love dancing and everything it comes with . . . . and goes with 🙃, so I delight in sharing not only my expertise and experiences, but also those of the dancers that I have had the privilege of coaching and interacting with. I have been teaching dance for 27 years – from inside the humid and dull confines of small village classrooms to the bright expanses of some of the biggest dance-spaces around the world; from young children to senior dancers, from the most talented to the not-so-talented yet utterly committed & determined, from the privileged to the under-privileged: this means that I have seen and experienced it all 😳!! Literally!

I hope you will engage in a thoughtful and fun way!  Although I am known for being frank and honest, I will never intentionally be disrespectful.  Take it as it simply is . . . not mixed with anything but my truth. Please do not attack my views, they are mine. Whatever yours are, I will respect them.
Please do not swear at me – I don’t get it and cannot engage at that level. I am just sharing MY ideas with you. We have the opportunity to share from all places far and wide – this is what makes ‘our world’ so amazing, exciting and s-o-o-o-o-o cool!!

Engage & Enjoy – ask, answer, send & receive . . . . let’s have fun!

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