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Parents of Children in Competitive Sport

We like to talk about how sport is such a great vehicle for teaching important life skills and bringing out the good and the best in us as competitors and human beings. However what people are less inclined to talk about is the equally powerful, but a far uglier and...

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How to Deal with Mean People

Many of you out there will have experienced mean people, many times on social media, but also in face-to-face situations. These attacks are further exacerbated when you are a champion or are born into a family of champions, where it is inevitable that you will meet...

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The Power of the Arts

Whenever I witness a powerful performance of any art form, I find myself in a beautiful state of being. A beautiful state that lifts me on a high - a high in spirit and a high of thankfulness. This, dear friends, is the power of the arts!A painting that says more than...

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This is a question I am often asked!

Can a good dancer also be a good choreographer and a good teacher? It’s a question that is often asked!So, can a good dancer also be a good choreographer and a good teacher? It’s a question that is often asked! It is a known fact that there is a difference between...

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